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Product name Palladium-carbon catalyst
Molecular formula Pt
Metal content 1%-10%(Special content can be customized)
Moisture content 10%~70%(Content can be baked according to customer requirements)
Carrier High purity activated carbon
BET specific surface area 900~2000m2/g(Can be customized according to customer product characteristics)

Mean particle size

<300 mesh(Can be adjusted according to customer needs)
Metal surface area 40~70m2/g
Number of applications Depending on the reaction, ahead of the same type of domestic catalyst
Packaging 1kg/bag, 10kg/drum(Can be packaged independently according to customer requirements)
Features High selectivity and activity, long life, better than or equal to imported catalysts of the same type
Scope of application Alkynes and alkenes are oxygenated to form alkanes. Hydrogenation of aromatic aldehydes to alcohols; Hydrodecarbonylation of aromatic ketone; Hydrogenation of aromatic ketones to alcohols; Reduction of aromatic ketone to hydrocarbon; Reduction of aromatic nitrile to amine; Dehalogenation of chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons; Aromatic nitro compounds into amines; Reduction of pyridine to piperidine; Reduction of furan reaction process catalytic hydrogenation.

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