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Recycling of waste precious metals

Recovery and purification of waste palladium catalyst, waste platinum catalyst and waste containing palladium and platinum.

The types of waste palladium and platinum materials we can recycle
• Palladium carbon, platinum carbon, ruthenium carbon waste.
• Waste palladium calcium carbonate, waste palladium alumina, waste palladium resin, waste platinum alumina, waste platinum resin, waste ruthenium carbon, etc.
• Enrichment, recovery and purification of palladium waste solution with more than 10PPM.
• Removal, enrichment and recovery of palladium residues in pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates exceeding 5PPM.

We can help our customers convert their failed waste catalysts into the catalysts they need.
We are committed to each of our customers, involving the use of accelerator technical information content confidential, to ensure that the interests of customers are not lost


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