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Nickel-based catalysts are mainly used in the hydrogenation of nitro compounds, carbon-carbon double bond compounds, hydroxyl compounds, etc., and are used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical synthesis, dye and pesticide production and other fine chemical fields. It can be stored in the air at a temperature below 150℃, does not require activation before use, and has catalytic activity when directly added to the reaction system, and is easy to use. Hydrogenation in TDI production, aniline, medicine and dye production has been proved by many enterprises to have good performance.

Appearance: Black granule and powder
Nickel content: 55% ~ 63% (butyl diketoxime gravimetric method)
Nickel crystal size: 55 ~ 65A°
Specific surface area: 120 ~ 180 square meters/gram (BET surface area measurement method)
Bulk density: 10 ~ 12 g/cubic inch
Pore volume: 0.34 ml/g
Reduction ratio: 65% (XRD)
Spontaneous combustion temperature: greater than 150℃
Application: Dyes/pharmaceutical intermediates/pesticides/fine chemicals /
Characteristics of catalytic hydrogenation of aromatic compounds:
1. Aromatic amine with simple structure
It has the characteristics of short reaction time, high conversion rate and high selectivity
2. Aromatic amines containing halogens
Dehalogenation is slight, and the use of dehalogenation inhibitor can greatly improve the selectivity of the reaction and the purity of the product
3. More complex aromatic amines containing other functional groups
Catalytic hydrogenation requires low pressure, and excellent selectivity, will not affect other functional groups


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